Mississippi Coalition to End Corporal Punishment


The Mississippi Coalition was formed in 2021 to advance the efforts by Nollie Jenkins Family Center to eliminate corporal punishment in public schools across Mississippi. The coalition is comprised of Nollie Jenkins Family Center, One Voice, Fannie Lou Hamer Center for Change, Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson, Families As Allies, Activists With A Purpose and Tennesseans for Non Violent School Discipline. Visit our "Coalition Members" Page to learn more about these organizations and the amazing work they do.

We are working to get federal legislation passed "Protecting Our Students in Schools Act of 2021"

1. ) create legislation & policy to be introduced at the next legislative session that addresses the elimination of corporal punishment in Mississippi.

2.) Conduct interviews of parents & students, uplifting their stories and experiences with corporal punishment.

3.) implement effective alternatives to discipline in schools

4.) Create safer more welcoming schools as we transition into life after covid.

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