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Nollie Jenkins Family Center

Building & Sustaining Strong Families, Leaders & Communities


NJFC’s mission is to empower the citizens of Holmes County. We work to accomplish this by developing and supporting grassroots leaders, community organizers, parents, students, and members of the African American community, as well as community-based organizations in ways that ensure they have the necessary tools/skills of community organizing, advocacy, and activism to increase family engagement, build for meaningful social change, effectively impact local and state policy, family and governance structures, and build stronger/sustainable organizations and communities.


We envision an energized and engaged community where all people, young and old are valued, nurtured and supported as we work together across generations & lifestyles to build and sustain equitable and purposeful communities that ensure that environmental, political, cultural, recreational, educational, economic, and spiritual needs of its citizens are actualized and preserved.

NJFC: Projects

Reading Program

Our Reading Program serves children and youth ranging from pre-school aged to 15-years-old. It is a cooperative learning environment in which young children read and are read to by older students.The program also works to expose children and youth to African American & Latinas authors§ illustrators.


Youth Leadership & Development

Program fosters the development of civic engagement, policy analysis, and student leadership opportunities at both the school and community level. The training program builds the capacity of young people to understand and use their collective power
to impact policy formation and develop leadership skills directly related to the social justice movement issues. The program nurtures the development of power through community organizing to build high performing, high quality, healthy, safe schools and opportunity for student leadership.


The Princess & Queendom Initiative

Black girls in upper elementary, middle school, and girls transitioning to 9th grade and throughout high school. Our organization prides itself in creating "safe spaces" for young girls to gather, discuss, and engage in conversations about self-esteem, personal goals, life in general, and many other topics that include activities critical to growing, building, and sustaining spiritually, physically and emotionally strong young ladies of the future.


Scholars of Peace

Scholars of Peace is participatory action research project promoting socio-economic change in Holmes County. The program engages K-12 students, their parents and schools in learning activities, service-learning placement experiences; along with special-student-designed projects that address social and environmental needs. The SOP program explores and identifies resources that enhance strategic learning and offer effective strategies to resolving disputes and conflicts through our Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution programs


Parent, Education, Training & Support

Parent Education Training & Support, PETS, provides education, training, and support to Holmes County parents to help them better understand and access education services for children at both the local district and state level. We work to enhance the capacity of parents to work in support of each other, to hold the local school board accountable to the formation and adoption of family-centered education policies, to hold school personnel accountable for implementing practices and policies that support the effective development of children and youth.


Family Generated Anti-Violence Initiative

This Family-Generated Anti-Violence Initiative of members will serve in an advisory capacity to help the Center develop policies, procedures and plan programs that will reduce increasing violence inside homes, schools, and communities and to establish a need for a domestic violence shelter in Holmes County.
NJFC works with local law enforcement to take in women & families who need a safe space to live and heal until permanent housing and financial support is acquired

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