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Education & Culture Conference

“Cultural Identity Restoration and the Role of Culture in Education”.  The chosen Theme reflects the mission and values of the Coalition in its work to end the harsh discipline practice of Corporal Punishment which is proven to be both physically and psychologically harmful.  It also reflects our aim to uplift a narrative of discipline as a building tool for growth and as a model for creating culturally responsive and nurturing school climates. During this three day conference we are inviting parents, students, educators, organizational leaders’ funders, elected officials, social workers, and other child-serving practitioners to explore effective alternatives to reducing violence in schools and communities by uplifting restorative justice practices, peer mediation, SEL and participatory action research as culturally relevant & responsive teaching tools in the public education.


Day 1

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Day 2

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Day 3

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Day One

July 20, 2023

Opening Ceremony

Grounding & Purpose

Opening Presentation Dr. Stacey Patton


Dr. James B. Pratt, Jr. Presentation

"Putting reality into perspective/connecting the dots around state sanctioned violence & education"

Q & A

Dr. Stacey Patton

When You Hit Me: Understanding How Physical Pain Harms the Brain & Body

Education & Culture Conference: Feature

July 21, 2023

Day Two


Peace Drummers 

African Dancers

Why Culturally Affirming curriculums, discipline models and alternatives matter

Scholars Of Peace Presentation

What impact are current school discipline practices & policies having on school climate and students today?

Addressing the Elephant in the Room 

“Spare the Rod: Spoil the Child”

Your Brain Has Been Hacked: Understanding the Harms of Too Much Screen Time

Education & Culture Conference: About
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